Big Pix Media

Big Pix Media

Deliver Your Messages Anywhere, Anytime with our High-Impact, Portable Digital & Traditional in Cork & Wide

Our Servicess

Digital Advertising Billboard

Our platform allows businesses to make their information and content more widely available.

Big Screen

If you can do it on your phone, tablet or TV, we can do it on our big screen.

Portable Advertising

Big event going on? We will be nearby delivering messages to high volumes of traffic.

LED Billboard

The LED Billboard offers the ability to deliver multiple messages in numerous formats.

The Image Quality here is about more than just resolution; it’s about ensuring that your visuals remain clear and impactful, whether under the bright sun or the dim glow of streetlights.
We deliver visual brilliance that goes beyond what you’ve come to expect from traditional billboards. Here’s why our video resolution is truly exceptional
Billboards have transitioned from static images to dynamic, engaging content. Our video resolution empowers dynamic visuals that grab attention and stand out in the urban landscape.

High Impact

LED signs almost immediately become landmarks in their locale. Many new LED display owners remark on being noticed again – or even discovered for the first time.

Wider Reach

Take your message on the road and extend your audience. Make an impact at your next event or trade show and really stand out from the crowd. Our digital van has full audio/visual capability.

Mobile and Memorable

Customers look forward to seeing clever new messages and may even come to rely on your sign for announcements and information. All of which leads to people remembering your business and where it’s located.
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